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November 13th, 2017 by Ashish Bagla

Outbound Calling is a system that provides automated calling and texting services. In definition, Outbound Calling is a computerised system that sends recorded phone calls, messages recorded using TTS [text-to-speech] and/or customised SMS broadcast, in an instant.

Focusing on SMS broadcasts, all of us are familiar with the concept. But to bring everyone on the same page, let me explain. An SMS broadcast is when a single message is sent to a crowd of people at once.

Common SMS Broadcast

  • Skirts & Shirts use SMS Broadcast to advertise their promotion schemes that are on, during sale periods. “Hey there! Skirts & Shirts is having a happy hour from 12 pm to 4 pm. Everything is on flat 40% discount, just for today!” These kind of messages are SMS broadcasts without any personal modifications. Their purpose is to inform something common to a large crowd.

Variable SMS Broadcast

  • Heel Me, is a shoe store use SMS Broadcast to give sneak peeks to their premium customers before a grand sale. “ Hey Jane Doe, we invite you for a sneak peek tomorrow 12 pm onwards before our grand sale! Hope to see you there.” SMS broadcasts like these use personal modifications in spaces that are variable. For instance, the name is a variable; the outbound system fetches data for those blanks from the linked database.
  • Call’em is a phone operator company that uses SMS Broadcast to send monthly reminders to its customers to pay off their bills. “Hey, Jack Doe! We request you to pay off your $20 bill by 5th of July to renew your next cycle.” These broadcasts include multiple variables. When the body of the message is the same but some information varies, the outbound system database once again comes in handy.

A cloud telephony company like Knowlarity uses SMS Broadcasts to track who has been delivered the message and more. Companies can use them to keep a record of who is regularly reading these messages. This helps them focus on targeting those people more. This helps even in reducing costs for people who are not getting messages and transfer those costs to generate potential customers. The cloud smartly stops messages from going to people who are in DND mode.

You can also use SMS Broadcast to advertise many other of your cloud telephony solutions. Your messages can contain your toll-free number details, or a number that you have promoted to get opinions using missed call services; or virtual numbers etc.

Here is another way to use SMS broadcast to send a standard message, for a cricket quiz. For example: “Enter ANSWER 1, 2 or 3 and send it to 59xxx.”

You can generate leads for a particular purpose too, by using an SMS broadcast. This is how SMS Broadcast connects the lives of people all around the globe. Check out more about SMS Broadcast here!

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