Tally on Cloud

We know Tally is a lifeline for businesses that believe in Tally. We know that Cloud can bring lot of

flexibility while efficiently using Tally. We also know that Cloud should be strong and safe enough to

have the best experience while using Tally on Cloud. Free yourself from hassles of managing tally servers, backups, UPS in your office. Tally from Cloud directly.Enjay’s Tally on Cloud provides an easy, economical, efficient and secure way to use Tally from anywhere, anytime. When you install the Tally server in your office, you spend on Server Hardware, Operating System License, Antivirus, Backup, Storage device, UPS and lots of other things.Enjay Tally Cloud service uses Enjay Tiguin Operating System at the data centre level. Further Enjay Tally Cloud also uses high-speed infrastructure to provide you best computing speed.

  1. No Local Tally Server
  2. Tally from anywhere & anytime
  3. No need to have multiple tally licenses
  4. Tally administrators can centrally manage Tally and its users.
  5. Tally users from any location can print on printers at any location.
  6. No need to sync Tally Data between different Branches of organisation
  7. Tally can be easily used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and any iOS devices.
  8. Minimum Internet Bandwidth requirement while accessing Tally.

Your Data is more secure on Cloud. It secures your Tally data in mainly two ways.

  • Data security from users
  • Data security from Hackers and Viruses.

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